China Hydrogen Update CW 12/2023

22.03.2023 / Yiting Shang
Sunfly Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement for a hydrogen energy industry project with the Pulandian District Government of Dalian, Liaoning.

Sunfly Technology will participate in theconstruction of the off-grid PV hydrogen production project in Pulandian District, and provide equipment solutions for the project in the hydrogen production process. Sunfly Technology will also participate in the planning and construction of hydrogen energy ports in Pulandian District, Dalian, and apply hydrogen energy to ships and in various scenarios such as hydrogen energy transportation equipment and special loading and unloading machinery. Source: 

In February 2023, the production and sales of fuel cell vehicles has completed 100 and 40 vehicles, a decrease of 53.1% and 77.5% compared to last month respectively. (According to the report of China Automobile Association) Source 

On March 10, Sinochem New Energy Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of Sinochem Holdings) held an unveiling ceremony in Xiongan New District (Baoding, Hebei). Sinochem New Energy takes E-charging and swapping, photovoltaic, and hydrogen energy as its development direction, and continues to explore upstream and downstream industrial chains. In the end, the hydrogen energy and fuel cell industries were selected as the new energy business breakthrough. Source 

The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Shanghai Electric Power and Linde Investment Co., Ltd. was held on March 7. According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will closely focus on the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and give full play to their respective advantages in technology, resources, talents, markets, etc. The two parties will jointly promote cooperation in green power conversion, user-driven integrated smart energy, and carbon capture and storage Source: 

Recently, Puyang (Henan) formulated the"Key Points of the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry in Puyang Cityin 2023", which clarified the overall thinking, development goals and keytasks of the city's hydrogen energy industry development in 2023. It is planned that by the end of 2023, morethan 10 hydrogen energy industry chain equipment manufacturing enterprises willbe gathered, 200 new hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be promoted, 4 hydrogenrefueling stations will be newly built, and 4 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle buslines will be opened, the production line of Henan Guohong with an annualoutput of 5,000 sets of stacks will be completed, and the annual investmentwill exceed 3 billion RMB. Source

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Finance issued the "Guiding Opinions on Local Financial Support Policies for Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Cities". According to the standard of 1:1 national reward, the government will give local subsidies to enterprises in the jurisdiction to purchase fuel cell vehicles. At the same time, the municipal government will give a one-time subsidy of up to 5 million yuan to new hydrogenation and hydrogen production facilities. Source

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