Global electrolyzer manufacturers ramp up production

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Global electrolyzer manufacturers could ramp up production capacities to 59 GW/a by 2025 according to the latest research by Delphi Data Labs
Delphi Data Labs GmbH is launching a new market intelligence solution for the hydrogen sector. In a novel research approach, the company developed an algorithm to visualize and rank global electrolyzer manufacturers.

"We intended to transform all available information about a company into a single score and to develop a flexible analytics model that learns to predict the future market leaders in electrolyzer technologies" states Lukas Strohmeier, CEO of Delphi Data Labs. Therefore, the analytics start-up developed a technology to introduce the concept of power rankings, which is popular in the sports industry, to industrial market analytics.
7 research categories form the basis of the benchmarking score:
- Financials
- Strategy
- Manufacturing Capacities & Expansion
- Market Share & Installed Base
- Partner Network- Global Setup
- Technology

By utilizing both, open-source and commercial AI-powered search tools, over 130 electrolyzer manufacturers were discovered and added to the analytics workflow. The in-depth analysis of start-ups and companies in emerging countries, mainly China, resulted in some novel results and insights into the global electrolysis landscape. A surprisingly rapid expansion in global manufacturing capacities is one of the key research findings.

Additionally, it is stated, that electrolyzer manufacturing capacities will not form a bottleneck, that will slow the growth of the global green hydrogen market. New manufacturing assets can be established within 18 months.Based on the collected statements of international electrolyzer manufacturers, a global electrolyzer manufacturing capacity exceeding 59 GW/a could be implemented by 2025.

To develop more accurate predictions, the research team developed 3 forecast scenario's up to the year 2030."We benchmarked our market mapping with comparable solutions from several established research brands and are convinced that we have developed the most comprehensive and detailed solution available in the market today.

We are only at the beginning with our hydrogen market analysis offer, as we are currently working on building a digital platform around our research data & algorithms, which will enable our customers to track the emerging market in real-time", added the co-founder of the company, Miroslav Negovan.

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Delphi Data Labs is a market intelligence company focusing on the industrial technology sector. The company was founded in 2021 by two former market intelligence managers of a major publicly listed cleantech corporation. The start-up utilizes AI and dashboards to develop customized market intelligence solutions. The products of Delphi Data Labs are designed to fulfill the strategic intelligence demands of different stakeholders involved in the industrial manufacturing industry and to ease the workload for market intelligence teams.

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