The Global Hydrogen Electrolyzer Market

05.10.2023 / Lukas Strohmeier
Amid an unpredictable macroeconomic setting, green hydrogen is emerging as the dark horse of the energy transition. This quarter has seen important  movements, with Europe taking the center stage in development, contracts, and controversies.


The continent started Q3 on a high, boasting contract awards for an impressive 240 MW Electrolyzer. Such achievements are indicative of the industry's potential to rejuvenate Europe's energy aspirations. Staying true to seasonal norms, August took a quiet turn, followed by an exciting September:

The French oil titan, TotalEnergies,  emerged with bold green declarations, unveiling plans to harness 500,000 tons of green hydrogen to decarbonize its refineries by 2030.

No less significant was Air Liquide's confirmation of proceeding with a colossal €400 million investment in Normandy. It’s noteworthy that 50% of this production is earmarked for Total’s Gonfreville refinery, while the other half is scheduled for diverse clientele. The 200 MW project marks the largest electrolyzer order for the Siemens Energy / Air Liquide Joint Venture so far.

However, not all was smooth sailing. Europe faced a setback as the anticipated HyDeal Espana project scaled back its ambitions, slashing its electrolyzer capacity targets and delaying its roll-out by almost three years.

The PFAS Controversy: Europe's green energy prospects hit another potential roadblock over the debated ban of PFAS, pivotal chemicals in PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers. With a scheduled review and a comprehensive six-month consultation in March 2023, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recorded an overwhelming 5,600 comments, many emphasizing the detrimental impact a ban could inflict on Europe's budding hydrogen sector.

In the United States, the energy scene was abuzz as Chevron secured the helm of the ACES project in Utah, furnished with electrolyzers from Norway's HydrogenPro. HydrogenPro’s pipeline also received a major boost by the announcment of Airbus, to enter into a strategic partnership with DG Fuels. DG Fuels is a HydrogenPro partner and currently developing a SAF production facility, utilizing a combination of biomass gasification and over 800 MW of electrolyzer capacity. FID for the project was previously targeted for early 2024, the strategic collaboration with Airbus could accelerate this project. HydrogenPro didn’t stop there; it marked its global presence with putting its  electrolyzer in Mitsubishi's Takasago Hydrogen Park in Japan into operation.

Additional headlines from Asia included:

Oracle Power: Joined forces with ThyssenKrupp, concluding its 400 MW feasibility study, positioning it firmly for the subsequent project phases.

India's Avaada: Making strides, this emerging powerhouse inked an MOU with Tata Steel Special Economic Zone Limited, venturing deeper into the green hydrogen and ammonia landscape.

Adani and Kowa Collaboration: This alliance aims to tap into the burgeoning green hydrogen sectors of Japan, Taiwan, and Hawaii.

The developments in the Chinese Hydrogen sector and China’s global ambitions will be covered in a separate analysis by Delphi Data Labs.   While the green hydrogen landscape remains dynamic, with challenges and successes in equal measure, Europe stands tall as a pivotal player.

Consistent with our quarterly updates, this article will feature complimentary highlights of key events transforming the hydrogen generation technology sector. For an in-depth view, complete with news, data sets, and market forecasts that illuminate the evolving landscape of green hydrogen technologies, subscription to the Delphi Hydrogen Dashboard remains the gateway to unparalleled intelligence.

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