Parterniship with Brumboo

17.04.2023 / Press Release
Delphi Data Labs is proud to announce our expanded parterniship with Brumboo Engineering & Consulting
17.04.2023 / Press Release
Delphi Data Labs is proud to announce our expanded partnership with Brumboo Engineering & Consulting, a company that specializes in providing Product Strategy and Digital Business Processes for equipment manufacturers.

This partnership represents a unique collaboration between two companies that possess complementary skill sets and expertise. At Delphi Data Labs, we specialize in market intelligence and valuechain analysis for industries such as pumps,separation, and hydrogen. Our team of experts utilizes data-driven approaches to provide actionable insights to our clients, helping them stay ahead of the competition and make informed business decisions. On the other hand, Brumboo Engineering Consulting brings deep industry knowledge and a wealth of experience in digital business processes and product strategy.

Together, we believe that our partnership represents a powerful combination of expertise, experience, and resources. By combining our respective strengths, we will be able to deliver even more valuable insights and strategic recommendations to our clients, helping them achieve their business goals and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

We're excited about the possibilities that our partnership with Brumboo Engineering & Consulting will bring, and we look forward to continuing to work together to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our joint focus on innovation, efficiency, and excellence will enable us to drive meaningful change in the industry, and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

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Delphi Data Labs is a market intelligence company focusing on the industrial technology sector. The company was founded in 2021 by two former market intelligence managers of a major publicly listed cleantech corporation. The start-up utilizes AI and dashboards to develop customized market intelligence solutions. The products of Delphi Data Labs are designed to fulfill the strategic intelligence demands of different stakeholders involved in the industrial manufacturing industry and to ease the workload for market intelligence teams.

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