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Introducing Issue #1: Geologic Hydrogen
This report is not only a critical read for those directly involved in hydrogen energy but also serves as a strategic guide for navigating the future of global energy dynamics.
Geologic Hydrogen Report

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A cloud-based market intelligence solution tailored for the P2X/Hydrogen market.

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"Delphi Data Labs' Green Hydrogen Dashboard allows us to monitor the development of the global green hydrogen market in a very detailed and dynamic way."
Peter Eisenköck
Director Green Hydrogen
Schoeller Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment
Oil & Gas
"Delphi Data Labs boosts the implementation of our group strategy 2030 by identifying new targets and offering rapid, standardized analysis via their intuitive dashboard."
Dr. Karl Maria Grünauer
Head of New Business
Gerard Daniel
"Jack our CEO stated he was very impressed with your level of knowledge, what you had delivered, and you were absolutely the right partner to work with on this project."
Kay Devlin
Vice President Marketing and NPD
Brigl & Bergmeister GmbH
Pulp & Paper
"With standout knowledge in both - technology and markets - Delphi was the ideal partner to support B&B's circular economy strategy."
Thomas Fabian
Director Global Business Development

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We are in a post-pandemic era. Delphi recognizes the need of our customers to generate a competitive edge. Data-driven business decisions that have a lasting impact on revenue are essential.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in industrial market knowledge and data analytics capabilitites, Delphi can help you bring data intelligence to the core of everything that matters most to your organization.

Delphi Strategosphere

Step into a world where strategic insight meets innovation. Delphi Strategosphere is your gateway to unlocking the power of market intelligence.

The Green Hydrogen Revolution

Over the past two years, we have analyzed all data that we could acquire about the global hydrogen market. Subsequently, we are not only convinced that the green hydrogen revolution is inevitable, but that it is going to happen faster and have a much larger impact than most market participants or observers are anticipating.

Delphi Data Labs pieced together all types of market data and information available over years, to compile it into dynamic market intelligence offerings that move and adapt along with the ever-changing market. This enables our clients to track the developments of the hydrogen market as well as their impact, almost in real-time. Our standardized h2 market research focuses on hydrogen generation technologies initially.

Our Delphi Hydrogen Dashboard is available now.

From data to dashboard

A Five-Step Symphony in B2B Market Research
At Delphi Data Labs, we are reimagining the landscape of cleantech market intelligence by embracing the digital revolution and the vast ocean of data it provides. Where conventional market research leans heavily on expert interviews, often treating data as a secondary asset, we reverse the paradigm.

Our groundbreaking approach leverages data to inform 80% of our research process, utilizing expert interviews for the remaining 20% for cross-validation and data integrity.

In an era that’s drowning in information yet starved for wisdom, Delphi Data Labs serves as the compass for navigating the cleantech market. With an almost symphonic interplay between cutting-edge technology and human expertise, we offer not just data, but data with depth, direction, and purpose. Welcome to the future of market intelligence.
Delphi Data - Research Process
1 — Connect
The first step is a sweeping yet meticulous amalgamation of data from diverse sources - be it financial databases, news outlets, or macroeconomic indices - all integrated seamlessly through APIs.
2 — Transform
Next, our data undergoes three vital subprocesses - Clean & Structure, Join & Connect, and Enrich. This constitutes our robust Data Infrastructure, where raw data is turned into structured, coherent information.
3 — Analyze
Under the umbrella of Action & Logic, this stage involves data preparation. This is where algorithms and human expertise meet, to carve out actionable insights from a mountain of data.
4 — Visualize
Translating data into easily digestible insights is an art, and we're the artisans. Customized dashboards are designed, offering clients an intuitive interface to navigate the intelligence we provide.
5 — Deploy
Finally, your customized data landscape is made securely accessible through Azure Active Directory, ensuring not just insight but also peace of mind.
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