Delphi provides data and tools to navigate cleantech markets

Empowering decisions with Aletheia, the market intelligence graph, focused on industrial technology.
What we deliver

We do the work for you

At Delphi Data Labs, we map the entire value chain of industrial decarbonization, providing you with critical information that saves costs and time, enabling you to focus on what matters most.
Avoid the wrong sectors

We will find the decarbonization pathway best suited to your companies current strengths and portfolio.

Identify new clients and suppliers

Pinpoint potential partners and opportunities.

Monitor competitors

Stay ahead by tracking every move of your core and new competitors in the clean energy sector.

Find the best M&A targets

Discover the most attractive and strategic M&A targets aligned with your goals.

Plan your strategy

Forecast and segment markets with high granularity.


P2X/Hydrogen Dashboard

Navigate through the evolving landscape of Power-To-X and Hydrogen with our platform for forecasting, benchmarking, and deriving competitive insights.
Dynamic Power-to-X
and Hydrogen
Market Forecast
Delphi Feature Highlight
Leveraging cutting-edge market intelligence and dynamic forecasting algorithms, Delphi Data Labs offers investment banks, strategy consultants, and market analysts insights into the hydrogen energy sector's potential.
The Most
Comprehensive Competitive Landscape
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Discover key players, their market share, strengths, weaknesses, and strategic moves to stay ahead of the competition, while also scouting novel emerging technologies before your competitors do.
Value Chain
Delphi Feature Highlight
Seamlessly navigate the intricate network of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization, accessing detailed information on key stakeholders, technologies, and market trends.
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Graph Technology for Market Intelligence

The future of AI in complex decision-making environments.

Delphi Data Labs leverages a collaborative approach where human insights continually refine and validate the knowledge graph's data, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Our system evolves through on going expert input, adapting to new information and complex market dynamics more effectively than fully automated solutions.

The graph maps actual business relationships to identify potentially fraudulent companies (no known established business relationships).

Sample from H2 Sector:
Linde anchors the ecosystem, proven by its extensive collaborations.

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Valued Customer Voices

We work with companies to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale.

"Delphi Data Labs' Green Hydrogen Dashboard allows us to monitor the development of the global green hydrogen market in a very detailed and dynamic way."

Peter Eisenköck
VP Green Hydrogen
Schoeller Bleckman Oilfield Equipment

"Delphi Data Labs boosts the implementation of our group strategy 2030 by identifying new targets and offering rapid, standardized analysis via their intuitive dashboard."

Dr. Karl Maria Grünauer
Head of New Business
Brigl & Bergmeister

"With standout knowledge in both - technology and markets - Delphi was the ideal partner to support B&B's circular economy strategy."

Thomas Fabian
Director Global Business Development
Gerard Daniel

"Jack our CEO stated he was very impressed with your level of knowledge, what you had delivered, and you were absolutely the right partner to work with on this project."

Kay Devlin
Vice President Marketing and NPD