Meet Delphi Data's new CRO, Clemens Behrend

10.01.2024 / Lukas Strohmeier
In this interview, Clemens sheds light on his initial months at Delphi as new Chief Revenue Officer, delving into the challenges he faced transitioning from the crypto industry to the renewable energy sector. We talk about his professional journey, motivation for the career shift, and his vision for Delphi Data's role in the energy transition.
How have your initial months at Delphi been, and can you share some of the major challenges you've encountered so far?
In my first few months at Delphi, the primary challenges included understanding the technicalities of green hydrogen and the energy transition, given my background as an economist. Additionally, adapting to my role as Chief Revenue Officer was a significant change, requiring a combination of sales, marketing, finance, and customer service skills.

Could you walk us through your professional journey prior to joining Delphi?
Before Delphi, I worked as a customer experience consultant for Web3 projects, drawing on my experience at Bitpanda, where I helped scale the customer service team. This role at Bitpanda stemmed from my interest in exchanges and my studies in economics, sales, regulations, and computer science. Earlier, I founded a CD key shop for online games, which was my initial foray into customer service and payment management.

What motivated the transition from the cryptocurrency sector to focusing on renewable energy and sustainability?
My shift to renewable energy was inspired by Friedrich von Hayek's "Free Banking" principles and Henry Ford's concept of an energy-backed currency. Disappointments in Germany's Energiewende also played a role. I'm intrigued by using excess energy for hydrogen production or Bitcoin mining.

As we progress through 2024, what developments or milestones are you most excited about?
For 2024, I'm excited about achieving Delphi Data Labs' mission and vision, crafting and implementing revenue strategies, exploring new markets, and building a strong team. I'm also looking forward to engaging with stakeholders and representing Delphi Data Labs at industry events.

How does your experience in the crypto industry inform your approach to your current role in renewable energy?
My time in the crypto industry taught me valuable lessons in content strategy and client engagement. It also highlighted the importance of renewable energy in discussions about Bitcoin's energy consumption, influencing my current approach in the renewable energy sector.

What is your personal take on hydrogen, as Delphi's first product is exclusively focusing on this market segment of the energy transition?
I view hydrogen, particularly green and pink hydrogen, as an important but not sole component of the energy transition. It's essential to consider the limitations in energy use for hydrogen production and storage.

What role does sustainability play in your personal life?
I see sustainability as a rational choice for any entrepreneur to reduce costs. However, I'm cautious about heavy government regulations, which can often lead to misallocated funds and unnecessary taxes.
Chief Revenue Officer
Clemens Behrend
Clemens Behrend

Clemens Behrend

Chief Revenue Officer
About Clemens
Clemens, with a BSc in Economics, has made significant strides in the Web 3.0 industry, especially in building and scaling customer support systems. His pivotal role in evolving Bitpanda's customer support from its infancy to align with the company's growth to unicorn status stands out. Currently excelling as the Chief Revenue Officer, he applies his analytical and managerial expertise to drive strategic initiatives, combining his rich background in customer service with his current leadership responsibilities.

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