Why Delphi?

Choosing Delphi Data Labs over traditional strategy consultants like McKinsey or data providers like Bloomberg offers a unique blend of cutting-edge data analytics and customized strategy development.

Delphi integrates the latest in cloud-based solutions and machine learning to provide dynamic, real-time insights tailored specifically to your business needs. This approach not only keeps your strategy relevant and up-to-date but also ensures a more collaborative and adaptable partnership, focusing on both immediate results and long-term strategic growth.

With Delphi, you're not just accessing data or receiving advice; you're engaging in a synergistic relationship that evolves with your business.  

Revolutionizing Market Insights

The Delphi Advantage #1

Technology Focus

Building on our professional experience, we built a solution tailored to the needs of largest engineering corporations on the globe. Understanding the technology aspect is critical in assessing market potential and growth outlook in the cleantech sector. 
Unparalleleled Expertise
Cutting-Edge Solutions
The Delphi Advantage #2

Tailored Services for Your Success

Delphi Data Labs transcends traditional subscription models by forging enduring partnerships with clients, collaboratively tailoring solutions and continuously refining our technologies to meet their evolving needs.
The Delphi Advantage #3

Cloud-Based Solution to Support Our Clients Strategy

Delphi Data Labs dismantles the divide between strategy consulting and traditional data services, creating a dynamic cloud-based platform that adapts continously to meet our clients' specific needs.
Tailored Services
Dedicated Partners
The Delphi Advantage #4

Playground for Cutting-Edge Technologies

As a young and agile company, Delphi Data Labs is unencumbered by outdated systems, enabling us to rapidly adopt and transform advanced technologies like graph databases and geospatial analytics into innovative products.

This flexibility and our lean integration of AI and external datasets make us uniquely equipped to address evolving market needs.
The Delphi Advantage #5

Best User Experience

We set ourselves apart with our user-centric platform design, offering an intuitive and accessible experience that stands in stark contrast to the often outdated and complex systems of competitors.

Tailored for usability, our platforms empower not just experienced analysts but anyone interested in insights, democratizing data analysis and decision-making processes.
Tailored Services

Delphi P2X/Hydrogen Dashboard

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How we work

Success Through Advanced Big Data Analytics
Unlike the industry standard, which relies mainly on interviews, our process is built on big data analytics. Our approach ensures highest academic research standards, and limits the negative impact of cognitive bias, which happens to occur in expert interviews. The human brain is simply not designed to correctly record and depict the nature of complex international multi-billion dollar markets.

That’s why statistical analysis of adequate data is the core of our research methodology. Nevertheless, we strongly rely on human expertise, which marks the starting & final process step in our work:
Initially, we analyze the intricacies of relationships within an industrial value chain, establishing the framework for our comprehensive research. In the second step, we populate our value chain model with data derived from diverse sources to ascertain market potential. In the third step, our data undergoes rigorous scrutiny by seasoned human experts. The ensuing integration of expert feedback leads to a refinement of our data during a secondary human feedback and approval process. This methodical approach ensures the precision and reliability of our research outcomes.
1 — Relationships
We map the relationships in an industrial value chain.
2 — Data Analysis
We fill our value chain model with data from various sources to.
3 — Human Check
Our data is challenged by human expertise.
4 — Refinement
Integration of feedback and second human validation process.
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