Process Industries & Carbon Capture

Wastewater Treatment - Plastics & Chemicals - Car Manufacturing  - Semiconductor Fabrication - to name only a few.

Since the early days of the industrial revolution, industrial processes played a major role in creating the wealth and living standard for billions of people.

The need for change

Price pressure, digitalization, sustainability & relocalization
The modern society is built on the manufacturing capabilities of our industries, but today we know, that our ways of production and consumption need to change in order to mitigate climate change and to create a sustainable society.

We support our clients to prepare for the biggest disruption since the beginning of globalization. Price pressure, digitalization, sustainability & relocalization is creating a  fight on several fronts.

Delphi Data Labs acts as a sparring partner to help you navigating successfully through this period of change. We dig deep, to truly understand your market environment, business model and processes. Unlike many of our competitors from the consulting space, we put a lot of emphasis on a detailed analysis of the legal framework, the market conditions & consumer behaviour.

Even if you are active in a small niche segment - we are prepared to help you mastering your challenge.

Sustainable Transformation

Harnessing Carbon Capture & Utilization and Storage to Revolutionize Process Industries
In the quest to combat climate change, Carbon Capture, utilization & storage (CCUS) have emerged as indispensable tools in decarbonizing process industries. At Delphi Data Labs, a distinguished consultancy specializing in market research and strategy consulting, including M&A, we recognize the critical role of CC (Carbon Capture), CCU (Carbon Capture & Utilization) and CCUS play in driving environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Why are Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage pivotal?

By capturing carbon dioxide emissions directly from industrial processes, CCU mitigates greenhouse gas release, significantly reducing the carbon footprint. Moreover, the transformation of captured CO2 into valuable products drives circular economies, fostering a more sustainable approach to industrial production. Meanwhile, Carbon Storage ensures the safe and permanent containment of CO2, preventing its release into the atmosphere, and thereby curbing environmental impacts.

Below we present possible use cases for CCUS in two sample indusries:
Petrochemical Industry
In the petrochemical industry, carbon capture technologies are vital in mitigating the environmental impact of production processes. During the refining of crude oil to produce petrochemicals like ethylene and propylene, substantial amounts of CO2 are generated.

Implementing carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems can capture these emissions and prevent their release into the atmosphere. The captured CO2 can then be utilized in various applications, such as enhancing oil recovery, producing valuable chemicals through Carbon Capture & Utilization (CCU), or permanently stored in suitable geological formations.

By embracing carbon capture solutions, the petrochemical industry not only demonstrates its commitment to sustainability but also opens the door to innovative practices that pave the way for a greener and more resilient future.
Cement Industry
In the cement industry, carbon capture can be employed to capture CO2 emissions from cement kilns, a major source of carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.The captured CO2 can then be utilized in the production of lightweight aggregates, which are materials used to replace traditional aggregates in construction, reducing the overall carbon footprint of construction projects.
Additionally, our consultancy expertise extends to Direct Air Capture (DAC), providing insights into the groundbreaking technology that directly removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, offering a comprehensive approach to carbon management for process industries.

Your Trusted Partner

Sustainable growth and transformation with Delphi
Dive into in-depth market research, where our proficient analysts unravel the complexities of the CCU and Storage landscape, providing invaluable insights for informed decision-making. Explore tailored strategy consulting with seasoned experts to seamlessly integrate CCUS into your process industries, optimizing operations and fostering long-term sustainability. Unlock the power of our M&A expertise to drive growth and innovation in the CCU and Storage sector.

Join us in spearheading the sustainable transformation of process industries through Carbon Capture & Utilization and Storage. Together, let's pave the way towards a cleaner, more resilient future, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between industry and the environment.
In-Depth Market Research
Our proficient analysts delve deep into the CCU and Storage landscape, providing comprehensive insights into current trends, regulatory developments, and emerging opportunities. Armed with this knowledge, your business can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.
Tailored Strategy Consulting
Collaborating with our seasoned strategists, we design customized roadmaps to integrate CCUS seamlessly into your process industries. Our strategic guidance empowers your business to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and bolster long-term sustainability.
Mergers & Acquisitions Expertise

Leveraging our expertise in the CCU and Storage sector, we facilitate M&A activities that drive growth and innovation. From evaluating potential targets to managing the M&A pipeline, our meticulous approach ensures successful transactions and increased value for stakeholders.

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How we work

Success Through Advanced Big Data Analytics
Unlike the industry standard, which relies mainly on interviews, our process is built on big data analytics. Our approach ensures highest academic research standards, and limits the negative impact of cognitive bias, which happens to occur in expert interviews. The human brain is simply not designed to correctly record and depict the nature of complex international multi-billion dollar markets.

That’s why statistical analysis of adequate data is the core of our research methodology. Nevertheless, we strongly rely on human expertise, which marks the starting & final process step in our work:
Initially, we analyze the intricacies of relationships within an industrial value chain, establishing the framework for our comprehensive research. In the second step, we populate our value chain model with data derived from diverse sources to ascertain market potential. In the third step, our data undergoes rigorous scrutiny by seasoned human experts. The ensuing integration of expert feedback leads to a refinement of our data during a secondary human feedback and approval process. This methodical approach ensures the precision and reliability of our research outcomes.
1 — Relationships
We map the relationships in an industrial value chain.
2 — Data Analysis
We fill our value chain model with data from various sources to.
3 — Human Check
Our data is challenged by human expertise.
4 — Refinement
Integration of feedback and second human validation process.
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