Identifying Potential Customers in the Hydrogen Value Chain

Selected Impact Study

Our "H2-value-chain-model" helped a component manufacturer to identify potential customers in the hydrogen value chain. The component manufacturer offers materials for electrolyzers and fuel cells, and was looking to expand its customer base.

The H2-Value-Chain-Model

The "H2-Value-Chain-Model” is the basis of all the market analysis activities of Delphi Data Labs. The model assigns thousands of companies to its relevant offerings in the green hydrogen value chain. Figure 1 provides an overview how the Chinese Electrolyzer OEM Peric 718 is classified by Delphi’s data model.

Figure 1: Sample - Classification Peric718
The Findings

By using theH2-value-chain-model, the component manufacturer was able to efficiently and effectively identify potential customers and make informed decisions about which companies to approach. As a result, they were able to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

In total, theclient was provided with over 150 potential clients in the electrolyzer segment, and over 80 companies active in the fuel cell space. The action list included relevant information such as country of origin, homepage & size of the targets.

As an add-on, a detailed analysis of each company was acquired. For some core technologies, such as hydrogen generation technologies (electrolyzers, pyrolysis/gasification,SMR,..) or Fuel Cells, Delphi Data Labs offers a dynamic scoring model.

Currently, the scoring model analyses all companies in 7 dimensions:

1.      Financials
2.     Market Share
3.     Manufacturing capacities & planned expansions
4.     Partner Network
5.     Global Setup
6.     Technology
7.      Strategy

This addition helped Delphi’s customer to select the most promising targets out of the longlist. As the clients wants to focus its initial business developing activities on companies that already have a successful commercial track record in the electrolysis slide, the scoring model instantly identified the relevant electrolyzer manufacturers and excluded all start-ups & new market entrants.

Figure 2: Sample- Scoring Peric 718

The H2-value-chain-model proved to be a valuable tool for the component manufacturer, as it allowed them to easily and accurately identify potential customers and make informed decisions about which companies to approach. The ability to classify companies according to their offerings in the hydrogen value chain allowed the component manufacturer to target their efforts and resources more effectively, leading to increased success in their business.

The Conclusion

Overall, our H2-value-chain-model can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their supplier selection process. By providing a comprehensive database of suppliers and analyzing performance data, businesse scan make informed decisions about which suppliers to work with, reducing the risk of making poor supplier selection decisions.

The use of data science techniques ensures that the analysis is systematic and objective, providing businesses with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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